Need to answer the questions asked, or at least acknowledge them.

I am new to this community and I see that there is a lot of participation from the program users, yet, there is very limited participation from Algoriddim. Guys, there are just too many questions with “0 replies”. Please at least have the courtesy to acknowledge the users’ posts. You have a good product, however, by not listening to your customers you are creating a really bad reputation for your company. You will be surprised how understanding your user base can be if they feel that they are being listened to. Hopefully this can improve.

I bumped a few questions. Thanks in advance for your answers.

We usually answer within 24-48 hours to all posts. If there are any threads that got lost, please kindly give it a “bump”.

For urgent matters, you can also reach out to support(at)

24-48 hours??

You’re kidding right? There are posts that are 24-48 days…

But they all update their software on a regular basis. Trust me, it will be 6 months to a year for an update with djay.

Heads up people…dj player…Traktor, Pioneer are all the same…Check their forums and you’ll see!! algoriddim is prob one of the good ones…