Neural Mix Pro: Split "Harmonics" to more discreet tracks?

Sorry if this is a Dumb Question (I specialize in those…). New eyes here: I’m completely new to your company, your products, and most of this stuff. I saw news of the release of Neural Mix Pro, downloaded it, ran it. Played with it for all of 5 minutes. Looks interesting, potentially exciting. I throw a song (MP3) at it. It appears to be able to “split” the recording into three component tracks: Vocals, Harmonics, Drums. For each track I can independently adjust the level up/down/muted. Very nicely done, so far…

My question: I’d like to take these tracks - particularly the “Harmonic” track (which covers a lot) and split that up into component parts: horns, strings, etc. - ideally into even finer, more discreet components: violins, lead guitar, flute, tenor sax, etc. Doesn’t necessarily have to have perfectly correct labels (violins versus violas, banjo versus guitar, etc,) but (for example) I’d like the ability to play a recording and partially (or completely) mute the lead guitar, while preserving backing other guitar accompaniment, or silencing a sax solo while independently controlling the levels (louder/softer/muted) for all other discreet tracks (accompanying strings, backing vocals, etc). I’m sure, from a technical standpoint, I can imagine this is a tall order. But that’s what I’m looking for.

Is that ability - to break down the “Harmonic” track into more discreet, separate instrument tracks - something that you get with the paid version?

Hope the above makes sense. Thanks for the help.

Hi there,

Welcome to our new community and thanks for posting your question! There are no dumb questions here. :slightly_smiling_face:

To answer your question directly, it’s not possible to break down the “Harmonic” track into smaller component parts with Neural Mix Pro. We do appreciate the suggestion, however, as our team is continually improving our products and feedback from our community is very important to do so.

The in-app purchase option provides you with access to advanced offline export, allowing you to export the different available track options for use in your favorite DJ or music production software.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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