New build, can the sidelist stay open?

I downloaded the new build and noticed that something I suggested previously was not fixed/included.

When I setup djay the way I want it, it should stay that way every time i open it.

If I select the sidelist to always stay viewable, shouldn’t it stay viewable every time I open the software?

djay currently always starts “fresh”. We believe that this is generally a better approach, although I can see that seeing the Queue list on the side may be an exception.

The update for Mac was just a minor update and was mainly intended to fix critical bugs (like the Volume FX issue) and also to add support for some controllers, e.g. WeGO 3.

Okay… thought this was the start of something good…

Back to waiting.

Oh, and remembering seeing/hiding the Queue list should be an option. Best of both worlds,right.