newest version of Djay Pro on New Ipad pro no file folders just playlists from iTunes

Longtime useer. Old versions of Djay, Djay Pro and even Vjay would show Playlist Folders with dropdown for Playlists in iTunes. New versions on new iPad Pro show all playlists with no folders. Lost a complete level of organization. Currently showing similar named playlists by type but no event file. I.E. Current event>Weddings>Person Name>Cocktail>Requests. As you can see the actual playlist called Requests may be duplicated many, many times with no additional information. In Effect making 98% of historical playlists useless. Am I missing something?

Can you send a screenshot?

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Hi @octbld,

Thanks for posting to our community for the first time!

@LaidbackFred brings up a good point. Would you mind sharing a screenshot or selection of screenshots with us for further review?