No audio output while using Reloop Mixtour without speaker?


bought the new Reloop Mixtour with djay Pro for iPad.

I have no audio output at the iPad, when no speakers are connected to the controller. Is it possible to change the settings, that the audio is comming out of the iPad?



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Hey Dimitris,

please note that this is the djay forum, please contact Virtual DJ for questions belonging their software.

Cheers,Lukas E.


Two weeks ago I bought also a Reloop Mixtour.

I use a Windows 7 Pro x64 bit PC.

I Installed Virtual DJ Free Home Edition v8

USB cable is coming out from the PC to Reloop Mixtour.

HeadPhones connected to the Reloop Mixtour headphone jack play great and seems OK.

The RCA audio out (red and white jacks), coming out from Reloop Mixtour, give NO sound !!!

Connected to Adaptor “RCA male to Xlr male” and then 10 meter Cable “Xlr Female to Xlr Male” to connect to Speaker’s Xlr Female jack (Input 1 jack).

Speakers are Self-Amplified Speakers - i.e Behringer B112W.

When Speakers connect I can hear the buzz sound & the play fine with iPad when connected via BlueTooth.

It’ s NOT the Speakers & Xlr 10 meter Cable & RCA-to-Xlr Adapter are brand new.

Also, checked the Quick Setup Guide from Reloop Mixtour Site, and shows that the RCA out should connect to the Speakers.

What is the MAX distance RCA signal can travel ???

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance,