No sorting of key in djay 2 (2.7.9.)

After updating djay 2 to Ver. 2.7.9. on an iPad Air 2 with iOS 8.4, there is no more sorting the key available!

It may take some hours, to spread the distribution of the update worldwide

It works for me, however I had to go back in settings and turn on show key, which had been on, maybe this update turned it off.

Yeah you are right, I spoke to soon, sorry I have the problem

Same here, please rectify - much more difficult to mix in key on the fly now. Thanks!

I can’t see any key information displayed in the track list

Mine was still on, I did try and turn it off and back on but still not displaying. I have noticed the sings do actually sort in key order as I remember the order of one playlist. So it might be its just not showing in the library view. The also still shows when you load a track. Definitely a bug. I believe there is another feed for this issue and they have said they are working on a fix.

I mean I see it once the track is loaded. Nothing is displayed in the library

If I was performing a live set this weekend this issue would have really caused an issue. I was looking to buy a Beatpad 2 when launched. But this sort of issue and taking over 2 days to fix is worrying me about Algoriddim. I have traktor and think I’m better off buying their hardware and removing djay.
It’s bugs like this why djay will never compete in the top league of digital DJ systems. Poor show guys!!

We are aware of this problem. The fixed update will be released asap. We kindly ask for your understanding in the meantime.

We’re happy to announce that the fixed update is now available. Thank you guys for your patience!

Same problem here. Turnin on and off keys display from settings doesnt change anything.

Just got it and it seems fine .

Thank you

Same here… they need to bring this back ASAP… I am not happy

You seeing it in your library or once you load the track? I see the key once its loaded only… not when selecting the song from library

No sorting of key in djay 2 (2.7.9.) it’s a problem: you must resolve it!

I noticed this issue yesterday after receiving the update. Some keys are appearing in the library and some aren’t.

When I select a track with the key showing, the track sometimes loads in a different key for some reason, i.e. Paul Oakenfold - Touch Me (Beat Service Remix) appears as C Major in the library but when loaded it becomes E Minor & Alex Di Stefano - Metamorphosis appears as C Major but loads as B Minor.

Other tracks that don’t show the key in the library will then load up with the key making it difficult to mix on the fly.

This is a problem I would like to see fixed as soon as possible, especially since harmonic mixing is critical for a good DJ set when mixing genres like Trance where long blends are sometimes necessary.

I have the same issue
Key info in the library is very useful and seems to have gone since the update
Playing a live set next week and seriously need this feature back

Can’t wait for the next update which could be weeks away
I thought updates were for upgrades not downgrades

Please sort it guys!!

Anyone had this update yet?
Hopefully we’ll get one overnight

Update received and key sorting is back!
Thanks for the quick fix guys