No sound

Last night I was playing a gig and suddenly the sound went off!
I’m working’ with an Ipad using Spotify on a Reloop Beatpad.
The solution was to reboot the Ipad.
I noticed that, after rebooting the Ipad, a software update (iOS 8.1.3) was available.

If this is still an issue, please let us know. 

I have similar problems. I have no sound on master output with of Reloop Beatpad. I need to restart beatpad several times till it works. However the LED bar shows there is sound, and the headphone output works.
The problem occurs with the last 2-3 updates of Djay, never had this issue before.

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Well just now neither IPad nor IPhone version is working. The potmeters are showing that sound is coming into the BeatPad, but no sound from Master 1.
Luckely I’ve got the MacBook Pro version and it’s working, but it’s pure luck I’ve got that with me on this job.
This is so goddamn frustrating, please fix this bug ASAP.

Yea please fix im fucked for my gig on the tomorrow just trying to get a playlist together so i can transfer it to cdjs but im traveling and cant precue or hear it out the main audio. Im on iphone se playing on algo ridim ios furthest up date wego 2 1.04 and also my phone is updated to the max which is probably th issue please plase fix this