No Spotify in AudioBus

Djay 2 will not play Spotify music if used in AudioBus. Nowhere in the path to purchase was this stated. That’s deceit. Off to work on getting a refund.

How about putting that information up front so one can find out about the limitation before buying your program, subscribing to Spotify Premium and investing time getting it to work just to find it’s to no avail.

I’m sure you have no choice in the matter but you can warn off people who want to use Djay 2 to post process music selected from Spotify. I’ve got a way to make cheap 'phones sound pretty near identical to top of the line 'phones and hoped this would be a way to deploy/demo it in Audiobus. Without that ability it isn’t of any significance to me.

I’m also sure that Spotify has no choice in the matter but I have yet to understand why labels limit this kind of thing on mobile streaming when it’s trivial to rip their stuff streaming through a PC if one is so inclined.

I can’t see where the app description has been updated yet.

For anyone that wants to get Spotify into the Audiobus chain, Amplifind seems to have worked out the licensing issues and it works fine.

Please note that this is not allowed with Spotify songs due to license restrictions, the same rules apply for recording.

I already notified our team to update the app description as soon as possible. This limitation is already stated for the recording feature and it should have been added to the Audiobus and Inter-App Audio entry as well.

We apologize for the misunderstanding, please know that it was never our intention to mislead customers.

To ask for a refund, please kindly contact Apple support. We have no way of granting refunds for the App Store.

This information should be front and centre on the home page… Deceptive sales practices when you hide such a major limitation from people, licensing conditions or not… YOU MUST DISCLOSE THIS BEFORE PURCHASE.

It’s bad enough this program is like a car without seats and can’t broadcast directly, but then when you hide something so critical it crosses the line.

So dissapointed to WASTE money on this, audiobus and koalasan because YOU fail to disclose this critical point.

Pathetic answer Warren.
How do we get a refund?

Really? I have to buy Amplifind, because this inexpensive program is able to work that thing better out, instead of djay2 on iPad?

I just buyed djay2 today, one our later I posted the same like dongateley.