Not Loading Songs from Spotify

Having an issue with DJay not loading some songs from Spotify. I get an error message ‘cannot load track’ Spotify session not available. Please check your internet connection. Im using 4G and wifi and still the same message.

Hi guys,

A large scale hacker attack made servers from various companies including Spotify, Twitter, New York Times, and many others unavailable for many users around the world this weekend. You can read more about it here:

Unfortunately this included Spotify servers used by djay to load songs from the Spotify library, which is why you received the error. From what I read the attack is now under control and the sites available again, so you should no longer receive the error in djay.

Lukas E.

Hi Federico,

we are very sorry to hear that. 
Could you please record an exemplary video and send it to us via

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Same for me I’ve deleted djay2 and re installed and still get the message. I know Spotify had some issues maybe connected with the hackers interrupting their service this week

Looks like it was corrected. Thanks.

Hi, I have djay 2 and DJ pro and neither loads tracks from Spotify. It just comes up with no Spotify session available. Please check your internet connection.

Does not work on iPhone or iPad either.

Appreciate some help.

Running Djay Pro 2 on a Mac Book Pro, Spotify songs stop loading after playing four or five songs. What is strange is that they do load on the standalone spotify app, so it is not a license nor a connection problem! I need to be confident of my tracks, djay pro 2 stopped loading i n the middle of a song in front of hundreds of people! If you can’t fix that, I want my money back! That is not a Pro app!!!