I got a question. DJay produces a file called Nowplaying.txt. Is there any possibility to influence the order of Artist, Title and Album, or create a single Line like Artist - Song?

Hi Michèle,

No, this is not possible. I guess you could create your own script that reads this file and creates a new file in a desired format. May I ask what you need this for?

Hello Warren,
thanks for the answer.

In former times I used SAM Broadcaster under Win Vista. Last year I changed my Systems to Mac OS X and discovered DJay for Mac. I’m missing a talkover for my microphone and a shoutcast-plugin like a lot of other users.

My workaround is a Hercules DJ-Console with a talkover and butt (broadcast using this tool, to broadcast via shoutcast. Butt is able to read the “nowplaying.txt” and show only the name of the song. Butt reads only the first line I think.

The best solution would be, when You could integrate a talkover and a shoutcast-plugin. I’m really ready to pay a suitable amount extra for these functions. The tool of Rogue Amoeba is overloaded with functions, not easy to use and the price is oversized in my opinion.

Best regards


I’ve got the exact same problems with the tool… Why is there a talkover missing ? It could be so damn easy then !