Nudging Sync'ed Tracks


I’ve looked around but cant seem to find how to do this. Basically when I hit the ‘Sync’ button I see lines appear on the waveform indicating the hitpoints of beats. This seems to sync but not always align correctly with the right part of section (e.g. Song 2 maybe 1 beat or bar off from Song 1).

Is there a way to ‘nudge’ the tracks when sync’ed to align?

Also there seems to be a number of states for the ‘sync’ button (blue ring etc). What do these mean?


You can manualy set the first beat if its not analysed correct. Push the pencil, in waveform view. Push set grid, when you lined up the track correct.

Almost the same in pro for mac. Edit the grid. Set it correct.

Second question.
Hit sinc one time to set the bpm as master track. Hit it twice to make the tracks go in sync automatic, and stay in sinc, as long as they are both bleu.

Thanks - will give it a try.