numark dj2go

Numark’s Dj2go works with Djay for iPhone ?

When I purchased the Numark IDJ to go it said it worked with the iOS versions of IDJ now it’s telling me that it only works with the Mac version. What on earth can be the difference between the ion DJ to go and the Newmark DJ to go? They seem to be exactly the same…

Only the ION iDJ2GO works with djay for iOS.

Hello I would like to know when you will update the MidiMapping compatible with Numark DG2go which is equal to Idj2go? I see no need for me to have to buy a new interface now paid for app in the Apple store and use the new ipad without jailbreak! They could give a little attention? After complaining user already has enough of this lack of update. Thank you.

When the company intends to update the Algoriddim Djay app to make compatible the Numark DJ2go and ipad without the need to jailbreak?? I have a new Ipad and need this update. Thank you.

it does not

I also need to connect my Numark DJ2Go to DJay (I have an iPad 1). It is a DJ2Go, not an iDJ2Go. I prefer to keep this iPad, and I don’t like the jailbreaking either. I also don’t want to buy a different controller.

I have bought both Djay apps for Mac and iPad. None of the versions work with ion dj2go. The Mac version works ok with manual mapping. The iOS version does not support “dj2go”. That is ridiculous since both apps support almost identical version with the brand numark dj2go with exact same mapping and same name “dj2go”.
Please be nice to your customers and copy-paste the driver source code for numark to ion at least for the djay2 iOS app, that does not support manual midi mapping.

Thanks and very nice if you could do so…

Supposedly it’s working using this method and mapping…