Numark Mix Track Pro 3 on djay pro

I have recently got a mix track pro 3 and djay pro for windows 10 but the mapping is off even though it is all set right on the midi settings. The right deck does not play through speakers only headphones and the left deck only plays through speakers. The cross fade doesn’t work either. I know that deck is working as i have tested it on serato and it works fine.
Any help would be great

Alex, play with audio routing… Mix internal, deck A 1/2, deck B 3/4 etc…try options.I don’t have the Numark so i can’t give you exact info…

what do you see, when you go on preferences-audio?

Thanks Marko
I have found it is not a mapping issue but i do get a message saying that i need to update windows 10 even though i have the latest version. The software still only outputs the left to speakers and the right to headphones

Still need help with this issue

where do i find that?