Numark NV Midi Mapping not working correctly.

Numark NV MIDI mapping not smooth and over sensitive. When I map the buttons, sliders on my Numark NV, it’s over sensitive. It will go from zero to full in a quarter of a turn. If I turn the rest of the way it will go 0-100 back to 0 and back to 100 in a full turn and just doesn’t work right. I dont understand how this controller isn’t fully supported like how it is in Virtual DJ. If Virtual DJ had Spotify support, I would never look at your product! Once this works correctly with my controller than I may look at purchasing your product. Until then this seems poorly implemented.

Hi Robert, can you share you NV mapping file. I can’t even get the mapping functionality to work. The controller is recognized but the App is not receiving any midi signals.


In order to assign the knob sensitivity of a controller, use the “Speed” and “Reaction” parameters at the Midi Configuration window > Advanced Control Options.