Numark Scratch MIDI Problems + native support request

Has anyone successfully mapped the Numark Scratch?
I have problems with the paddle trigger, they are recognized as faders. So I can not turn on the fx.
The Loop Encoder is recognized as a button.
When I try to change it under advanced configuration nothing happens.
Can someone help me?


Hey @AdT, thanks for reaching out. Are you able to switch the paddle trigger to a “Button” type?
There are three different rotary encoder types that, did you check all of them?
I recommend giving our FAQ entry about manually mapping a MIDI controller a read, it might answer some of your questions. Hope that helps!


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Hello Lukas,
I tried this option but it seems a bit buggy on the ipad. if i change the type, the new options only appear after i close the editor and open it again. the button options are displayed and i can select them but they don’t work!

I hope that the midi editor will be expanded in the next updates.

Hey @AdT
i think about getting a numark scratch too since it would eradicate my chunky mixer and the external soundcard with all its cables. Does the mixer well with djay pro beside this midi issue or did you find a solution?

I also bought the Numark new because unfortunately I couldn’t use my old Z2. Z2 is not recognized as a midi controller in ios/djay
The Numark is recognized directly but must be completely mapped.
Unfortunately djay only has the “shift” midi option so far. If “modifiers” are possible everything should work.
It is possible to edit the xml file, but I still don’t understand it properly.

Update: I found a solution for the loop encoder. Use as „button“ with „loop half“ in one direction and „loop double“ in the other.

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I’m interested to know if there are developments on this. I’m thinking about buying this mixer but would like a way to use my iPad and djay at time instead of a laptop and serato.

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if algoriddim enable midi modifier everything should work 100% … without 85%… you can‘t use the „Pad Mode“ Toggle

were you successful on mapping the mixer? i’m going to attempt to do it myself. thanks for your input.

I made the mistake of subscribing without checking to see if my mixer was supported. yeah i know dumb move. I know i can manually set it up but also saw that the paddle’s won’t assign. I will attempt to do it manually but would rather have an update that will do it for me. thanks.

Hey @eric.decastro, I’ve moved your request over to this existing thread in the DJ Hardware category and renamed the topic to include a support request. This way others can also vote or give their feedback about support for the Numark Scratch.

While I can’t give a timeline for when this might be supported, I’ll be sure to update you here when it is. Thanks again for your feedback!

I managed to create a mapping for the Numark Scratch. I will write a guide. And will upload it to DjTechTools next week.

Ok, Algoriddim was faster! thank you very much for your work! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi All,

Just dropping in to let you know that support for the Numark Scratch was added in the recent update to djay Pro AI for iOS and Mac (version 4.0.4).

Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback! :headphones:


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