Offer a Subscription Plan pricing model

Everyone is complaining about having to re-purchase DJ Pro. At the same time, Algoriddim is limited to the revenue from new versions.

Can’t you offer a subscription plan model for 20-30 euros a year, which gives users access to all of your softwares and effects?

I would gladly pay 30 euros a year to get full access. You guys integrate with Spotify, why not copy their business model?

How old is Djay Pro?
Isn’t it about 2 years?
I Just payed $40 US, thats about $20 right there.
My last night’s dinner was $60, It took way longer to create Djay

Yeah and you would hope that basic features like stored loops would of been available on the 1st Djay Pro, no. And at least get your loops length spot on, not coming up short. They keep pumping out the apps but with exsisting faults. Not good IMO