One of the jog wheel can’t move song when it is playing.

I’m using a Reloop Buddy, and this just happened suddenly with my right jog wheel. I cant figure out what is causing this issue. When a song is playing and I’m trying to adjust it to line up with the other song, i nudge the side of the jog wheel to move forward or back and it doesn’t do anything. BUT, when the song is paused, the jog wheel works normally. Does anyone know how to fix this??? Thanks!!

Hi @huydtbd69,

Thanks for sharing this unexpected behavior from your Buddy!

So that I can better assist you could you please answer the following questions:

  1. What iOS device are you using?
  2. What version of iOS is running on said device?
  3. What version of djay are you using?
  4. Did you create a custom MIDI mapping for this controller prior to this issue happening?
  5. Are you noticing any other components of your Buddy behaving in an unexpected manner?
  6. Are there any additional pieces of info you might be able to share about this?

Thanks so much!