One turn table for sole headphone use?

Is it possible in DJ Pro (MAC) to use one of the four decks soley for headphones (independent of the cross fader)?

Can you please tell me how? I run main out via my MAC, USB headset. I click on headset next to the deck to . Yet it will always respond to the crossfader setting left/rigth or thru.


I also tried it with the mixtrack pro, main output ch 1&2, pre cue ch 3&4. However the same result


Found it, it was unclear to me I could just put the main volume on the deck down.

Every Deck in djay Pro can be pre-cued with headphones (independent of the Crossfader). Please note that this requires either a sound card, or a Splitter Cable.

Glad to hear that, Patrick. If there’s anything else you need help with, leave a post.