Only Master cue but not for each channel

Hello, community… My last problem kind of solved itself but now I’ve got the second major problem THIS MONTH and it really sucks! I am able to have a Master output through my Pioneer DDJ-RB as well as pre-cueing with headphones through the controller. But when I want to cue through my headphones, I can only get the Master. When I want to cue each channel for itself I hear NOTHING at all! All settings are the way they’ve been before too! Why do I have this problem? Thank you once again for your help!

Hey Nixin,

we are sorry to hear that.
Did you check your djay pre cueing and the RB pre cueing settings?

Can you please send a screenshot of your settings and an image of your setup, that would help us a lot to reproduce the issue.

In the djay devices settings everything is set to the RB. Just like it was before! I mean I get sound on my headphones but just the Master, not channel 1 or 2 only…

i have the same problem i use a Numark NS6 with DJPRO on PC can you help