OSX Required

Is OSX 10.9 the required OS for dJayPro? Will it run under 10.8.5?

ps Is the 40% upgrade still the only option for LONGTIME dJay users? I have purchased ALL the versions iPad,iPhone and iMac.




Well in the 5 days since I asked the question I have, found out the answer by reading, backed up my system, installed Yosemite, found out which audio apps don’t like Yosemite, fixed them, purchased and installed dJay Pro, programmed a Novation LaunchControl to talk to the filters, a Native Instruments Machine Mikro to partially run the Sampler and a Native Instruments Kontrol S2 to run pretty much the rest. Hopefully you guys will release more video functionality, maybe a Syphon hook. I also wish you had more technical documentation like a listing of ALL MIDI functions in one place. I can’t seem to find a way to change the Sampler set using MIDI.

So although I really wasn’t thrilled with the pricing I accepted it in the hope that tech support will be responsive quickly and when you’re working on a new version I be considered for Beta test.

Best Regards,

Joe B

djay Pro only runs on Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.
And yes, the 40% discount is everything we could do for our loyal customers, as we aren’t able to distinguish between new and loyal customers at the App Store. Hope you’ll understand.