own samples too loud, i cant change the record volume

when i record my own samples, the volume can not be changed.
And every sample is to loud for me.
Maybe you make to change the volume after the recording in this sample selection …

Hi ennobee,

thank you for your feedback.

Could you give us some more info about the approximate EQ and Gain range in which you are mixing in?

Thank you in andvance.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up. 
Unfortunately the record volume of the samples can not be adjusted.

I forwarded your post as a user request for the implementation of a sample recording volume setting.

Would be great if other users give their feedback about the idea.

Lukas E.

Hi ennobee,

you are right that we still don’t have a setting which can adjust the volume of each sample pad. 
Please be assured that we have your issue at our agenda.

In the meantime, have you tried recording samples with a lower gain, btw can you send us an exemplary sample via support@algoriddim.com?

Lukas E.

That is a good thought ennobee, so you want to adjust the recording volume with the Sampler Master Volume in a “recording” state?

Lukas E.

I have all the possibilities played out, the gain fully up or mute , the sample is always too loud…
It would be useful to receive a volume control, so you can also amplify quietly samples or make loud samples relatively quiet

Cheers, Ennobee

hi Lukas…

the problem with the volume of the samples is not fixed.

whats happen? plz thats really important, and i dont know where the problem is.
I program itself and it is not difficult to determine and adjust the volume.

In Djay Pro when recording the adjusted volume is not at all interrogated.
And no matter what the volume or gain i have adjusted, the volume of the sample remains unchanged.

Hi, thanks for the fast and the furious answer.
Of corse i try recording with a lower gain, no different.
We have a volume slider for the loudness of all samples. Why isnt is possible to do the record volume with this slider???