Partnerships are HARD, but ALGORIDDIM is missing a HUGE Opportunity!

Quick Background: I have been in Software since the late 90’s holding VP positions at companies like Trend Micro, Symantec, McAfee. I say this only as a precursor that… I GET it.

Vendor API agreements, SW/HW integration issues, competitive cooperation are difficult.

Djay Pro 2 is what helped me get back into DJ’ing after taking 2 decades off & leaving the Technics 1200s & Radio Shack “Realistic” gear behind in the mid 90’s

After being a “hipster” and wanting to make vinyl work, I tried Rane & Serato, was afraid to use features like syncing, or key matching to prove what a “Real DJ” I was… what bollocks.

SOFTWARE is eating the world, nobody should be afraid to use the best tech available. IMO after years of testing, using, reading, it’s clear…

Dennon are the BEST DJ HW company on the planet & Djay Pro is the best software.

Pioneer has lost their minds with arrogance as the “club standard” and it has stifled innovation WHILE ridiculously raised prices, IF YOU CAN EVEN buy one as they are experiencing supply chain issues 10x what every other vendor seems to.

The SC6000s are better in almost every way to the CDJ3000s & almost 1/3 the price. The LC6000s are REVOLUTIONARY.

But even though it’s getting better, Engine Prime (excuse me EngineDJ) is not great.

Djay Pro 4 is best of breed. What an amazing opportunity for Algoriddim, yet… crickets.

I am a new member here but my fears of Djay Pro never getting serous about being the software of choice seems to be true. You could be the MUCH better, cooler, cutting edge technical version of Virtual DJ, but there seems to be very little effort into actually partnering with other vendors.

After a quick LinkedIn check it seems only a month ago a BizDev consultant was hired & that seems to be the only person on the team? There is someone who has “Partnerships” in their title but after “Business Operations” AND they still seem to be the Head of HR?

That doesn’t seem like a heavy focus on integrations to me.

Also, it doesn’t seem like any employee other than the seemingly awesome @Lukas posts, comments, or engages with this community at all? maybe I missed it but I literally searched for every exec in every thread & found none, other than press quotes.

Should I just “suck it up” & deal with Engine DJ in the hopes they keep improving? or does Algoriddim have some strategy they just don’t communicate?

Is the deal with Reloop THAT good that they don’t care to support other vendors nearly as much? Is it a German thing (meaning they prefer to deal with “local” companies, not anything racial)? How’s that going for Traktor? After watching their decline over the past few years, shouldn’t that be a big enough warning sign?

A concerned BIG fan of the software AND dedicated to avoid Rekordbox user at all costs that WANTS Algoriddim to win!


I would love to see a scaled down version of djay that runs natively on the engine hardware. I don’t think InMusic really has too much of a history working hand in hand with developers outside of the family. Even the serato integrations have been sub par with a lack of updates from the serato team for any InMusic hardware.

Good post. As I’ve been getting more and more excited about this app I keep wondering why it isn’t getting more attention? I see the videos online and I see that K-Swizz represented the brand very well in the DMC battle but for some reason it feels like there isn’t much marketing happening besides a few youtube videos. Maybe when DJs start seeing it out in the wild more often then it will begin to gain some traction in the DJ community. As I get more comfortable with the app I will be using it much more often. Maybe Algoriddim needs a brand ambassador program.


I hadn’t tried djay for a long time… and I am glad I gave it another try.

Wow. Impressive feature set, and it just feels like MODERN SOFTWARE.

I used Traktor for many many years, and it just feels so dated at this point. It is unclear what the future holds for Traktor. Serato has never gelled with me, it really forces you into a specific way of doing everything and if you don’t like doing it that way, too bad,

Virtual DJ… isn’t bad! But it still doesn’t have that polish.

djay pro looks and feels fantastic. The neural mix features work incredibly well. Tons of FX options and such.

I have Denon SC6000s and it would be awesome if they integrated with full screen support.

I would probably continue to use the SC6000s in standalone most of the time, but when I want to do a DVS or video set, I’d love to use djay!

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Hi @Ryan_Ruel,

Thanks for sharing your feedback here. I also just wanted to let you know about an already existing thread where we’re tracking the request for full screen support on the Denon SC6000 (among other hardware) - please have a look there and feel free to add your comments/feedback as well :pray::

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I think a lot of DJs don’t treat this product as a serious product yet. They stick with Serato and record box and Pioneer without considering algoriddim Dj. I hesitated for a long time to use this software but recently, I decided to really dive into it, and the more I get into it the more I like it. I have never been happy with Serato, but I always used it because it was industry standard. Now I am planning on using Djay for most, if not all of my events. I love the idea of only using an iPad at my events and only bringing my speakers. No controller. It’s liberating.

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I do think stems is one area where Serato has Djay beat. it sounds better on Serato in my opinion.

Yeah I love Djay, the interface and usability are far better than Rekordbox. But if you have any ambitions to play on other equipment, Pioneer seem to have the market sewn up. And Rekordox have just released stems, and an iOS app - looks like Djay’s days are numbered unless they can do something like the OP suggested.

If I can get full dvs support on my Rane One with my tonearms kits. I will definitely be using this as a hybrid mobile setup for performances.

There is nothing on the market that could offer this flexibility right now.

Crossing my fingers.

This is an older but important post, OP - I feel that support for additional hardware has stagnated with the exception of Reloop and a handful of High-End Rane/Pioneer consoles that are too popular to ignore. But What about the rest of the Prime line? What about The Remaining Screen-active Numark controllers? wth is going on? When Virtual DJ can get them going with native screen usage, whats the holdup here?

/End Rant

I’m using a Prime4 & would totally use it with Djay all the time if the display was supported. Right now, it’s just my backup in case something goes wrong with Engine OS. As many have already said, I feel there is a massive opportunity being missed here with the whole Prime ecosystem. Denon P4, P4+, P2, P-Go, Live 4, Live2, Mixstream & Mixstream +. So many devices & potential users, but I don’t want to have to look at my laptop screen when I already have a screen right in front of my decks. Please Algoriddim team, if vdj can do, so can you, please, please please… make this happen already.