PC Master out doesn't work

On Djay Pro for Windows I have the following problem:

I connect the midi controller Pioneer DDJ-RB (that seems to be natively supported) to my pc through USB. The midi controller has a built in sound card (ASIO). It sends the music to my PC. My PC sends the music through “Luidsprekers (Realtek high definition audio)” to my receiver. In Pioneer’s Rekordbox software I get this to work. However, in Djay pro I can’t get this to work. I can select my PC audio output, but then my headphones don’t work because all music goes through my pc. I really need the master output to go through my PC and my headphones output to go through the midi controller, so both they need to go through the sound card of the midi controller.

I’ve added a screenshot of the settings in Rekordbox, where it does work correctly. Could anyone tell me if it is possible with Djay pro and if so, how I can make it work?

Hey there,

thank you for your mail.

At the moment we can not support devices which are unsupported by our Windows Audio driver (WASAPI).

The support has high priority for us and we will do our best in order to fix this as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Lukas E.

Hey Tim,

we are working constantly on a fix for this issue.
I cant give you an expected time frame, but we will do our best in order to provide a mapping as fast as possible.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Any idea when it might be supported? Matter of days/weeks/months/even more? Because my trials will expire soon and I have to decide whether to choose voor Djay Pro or Rekordbox…


To add to this : I just bought the win10 app to remove the time limit - but it seems we can only select 1 audio device for all output, with pre-queing only available via a splitter cable.

I feel kind of stupid now, since it renders the app useless for use with external audio mixer (USB). The idea is to select 1 audio device as master/main and 2nd audio device for headphones (as other DJ software has). In my case it is to use main and headphone audio device of Traktor Z1, which are separate audio devices in windows. I’m able to use these fine in any other program. I see now the use of different audio devices for output is only available on iOS. You might make this more clear.

Is there a way for a cancellation/refund in win10 store? Otherwise the program works fine, the Spotify integration is great.