Pioneer CDJs DO NOT work well when connected to New DJAY PRO

The new DJAY PRO is not very good with CDJs. I have two Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus and a Pioneer DJM 900. The wave form that DJAY displays is NOT detailed enough to use. Rekordbox waveforms are VERY detailed. Also, many features on the CDJs do not work when connected to DJAY Pro. Sync doesn’t work most of the time. Jog-wheel brake adjust and much more no longer works correctly. It has potential but its just not there yet to use live with CDJs in a club. I could go on and on but you get the point.

About the Waveform View: Yes, only Recordbox delivers detailed Waveform View on CDJs. However, you’re still able to use the Waveform View of djay Pro!

About the Sync: There are certain songs that aren’t syncing up correctly. This is not due to CDJ integration as the sync is done by the software. However, it definitely should be working for most tracks. Can you name a few examples of concerned tracks to help us improving this?

About the Jog-Wheel brake: We’ll have an eye on that! Thank you for telling!