pioneer xdj 100 mk2

are you going to support pioneer xdi 100 mk2 & djm s9 mixer

Please add support for xdj 1000 mk2!


One more vote here for XDJ 1000 MK2 native support!

It’s been over a year since the mk2 were released.

Please prioritize support for this now!

The app store says: ‘• Native support for Pioneer CDJ and XDJ lineup’

Which is clearly not true as the XDJ-1000 mk1 isn’t part of the lineup anymore but the mk2 is.

At least change the copy in the app store and on your website.

I don’t need it anymore I’m waiting on the DENON SC 5000 I sold my pioneer xdj1000 mk2 & my xdj 700

Hey Ravi Ravi,

thank you for pushing :slight_smile:

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you guys for the pushing the implementation of the XDJ 1000 MK2.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Algoriddim

Can you support HID for XDJ 1000 mk2?

I really want support for XDJ 1000 mk2!

+1 for native support! /John

any idea as to how much longer it will be until you support the mk2?

just paid a lot of ,money for these and I was under the impression that it was supported but apparently it is only the original xdi 1000