Pionner XDJ RX mapping for Djay pro

try mine https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings… the only led’s that i couldn’t mapp are the jogwheel’s and channel’s and master level vu meter’s

I’ve asked the same thing a year ago and still no answer.I’ve managed to map every thing I could all by myself, but i couldn’t map the jog’s led to work like in traktor or in rekordbox and the channels/master led’s because there is no beat phase output command on djay pro

vu meters led’s??? I’ve managed to map those led’s but they are not lighting according to the sound out put

is it normal to have no visual feedback on the pioneers? it would be nice to see the waves and other info on the decks instead of the mac

Does it also work for the new XDJ-RX2?

Any updates on this? Really need the Xdj RX to be able to plug and play. Its such a popular controller. Is there somesort of issue as to why DjayPro has not done this yet? Its all very good having the mapping through patient techi users Thank you BTW however the job wheel is not mapped - Pioneer signiture function

Can I upload the mapping for the RX to the demo download of Djay pro for Windows or do I need to buy it?

Windows 10?

Sorted the audio drivers out - plays like a dream

hey Lukas, does it also work for the new xdj-rx?

the XDJRX2?

do you hace to map out everything play cue n all that individually

need mapping for win 10 xdj -rx audio and channel plz anyone

What about the XDJ-RX 2??

Esse mapeamento da para o Virtual DJ ?

How did you get the audio driver to work with djay?

#when wil this be avaiolable for windows please?