Pitch Bend Replay Bug

When the Pitch Bend +/- button is held down, and a track reaches the end, it automatically restarts from the beginning and continues playing rather than stopping at the end as it would normally.

Hi Ryan,

So sorry for the late reply. Your post somehow got “lost”.

I was able to reproduce this behavior and will notify our developers.

Definitely a bug… good find Ryan.


Hi Warren,

This issue appears in Djay Pro as well.

This bug has not been fixed by the 1.1 update.

Adrian, can you please report this bug to the developers?

This bug was not fixed by the 1.2 update.

One thing I just noticed while replicating the issue (pressing play while a song was near the end, and then holding down the Pitch Bend + button) is that once the song loops back to the beginning, releasing the Pitch Bend button stops the song. Fixing the original bug would make this one irrelevant, but thought it was worth noting. Also, holding down the Pitch Bend button while a song is paused shouldn’t do anything, but it causes the track to start playing sped up/slowed down.

Yes, I will, Ryan. Sorry for the trouble…