Pitch/Tempo smooth auto reset

is there an option of automatically letting djay pro smoothly reset the tempo of an active deck?

I got used to VDJ having a reset button and the reset speed is completely adjustable. However, you can change yourself to think like an old school turntable DJ, they just move the control as fast or as slow as they like. When I first started to use the software, I longed for a reset button, but now I don’t need one…

Hi Herbi, 

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The only possibility to reset the Pitch is with the help of the double tap function (Which is not very smooth)
The other possibility is to reset it manually with your mouse. 
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Thanks for your reply, Alex. I (and probably many others) would highly appreciate if such a “smooth automatic pitch/tempo reset” function would be integrated in the djay pro for mac. It’s a really basic function which I do not want to miss…