Playing track always skips when next track is dropped onto deck in djay pro

Every time I drop the next track onto the vacant deck in djay pro on my mac, the track playing skips. Anyone else had this and know a fix? The programme just doesn’t feel stable enough to me for live use which is a shame.

It always happens when I have my xdj 1000s connected up as controllers. I have one track playing and use the track pad on my mac to drop the next track on the deck. As soon as I do this, the playing track skips or stutters

It only happens when the XDJs are connected
It happens with all tracks
It happens every time

Thank you

First off, please make sure you aren’t using any keyboard shortcuts by accident. 

If this this reproducible, can you give some further information on what to do to make this happen? We’ll have a look into it immediately. 

Does this also happen without the XDJs being connected?
Does this happen with any track or only with particular ones?
Does this always happen or intermittent?