Playing with FX cuts my Sound on iPad

I just downloaded djayPro for my iPad Air 2 yesterday and I’ve been playing with the FX options, finding my favorites and just experimenting with everything this app has to offer. It’s been extremely fun and addicting, except for when my sound cuts out. It’s really quite strange honestly.
The track doesn’t stop, but my speakers shut off.
They stop working entirely, meaning even when I went on YouTube or iTunes right after, I couldn’t get any sound at all. I’m not sure if this is a speaker issue or not, but it has only come up when playing with the FX square in djayPro. And it’s happened 5 times. In order to fix, I’ve closed the program and reopened. Sometimes I had to reload the YouTube videos too, but so far it’s been reversable. However this can’t persist if I plan on using this for Weddings and parties.
Not sure if this same problem would persist when sending audio through 1/8 jack and a set of speakers, but the fact it’s already happened 5 times through the iPads external speakers definitely is cause for alarm. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Michael,

thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear about your sound issues.
Are you able to reproduce the issue?

Cheers,Lukas E.

I’ve had similar problems with the effects, although I’ve only noticed it in quiet tracks. I mix ambient music live on the radio and when I’ve gotten all jiggy with some Mongolian chant with delay, reverb I’ve had a few clicks, a bit like a single record crackle but without the bass or sentiment… It’s even more pronounced if I move the left FX pot rapidly. It’s happened with other FX too but after just testing now I can say that it’s the delay/echo FX that is definitely crackling most, when I change the parameter. This *may* be due to the software not fading at the start or end of the delay loop (or not doing it fast enough) like how Ableton automatically quickly fades the ends of every loop sample, specifically to avoid unwanted clicks. As changing frequency changes wavelength, I think the ends don’t match up, creating the clicks. I hope this is easily fixed and also hope that this helps improve this already excellent program

Thank you for your reply! I was able to those 5 times but only randomly. I tried a couple times after purposefully, but couldn’t. I can try tonight more though and write down when it happens to see if there is a pattern.

Okay! I was able to reproduce. I’m not sure if this issue plagues more than one of the effects, most likely since I was playing with multiple that first day, but after doing some experimenting, I was able to reproduce best with Best Wobble. When I took my finger to the top right or top left of the pad and released, it made a Pop sound and the levels spiked. It didn’t matter if the gain was all the way up or down, but the action of popping it like that was what did it, 5 times in a row, every time. I haven’t been able to try every other effect, but I did try about half, and they don’t quit when I do this, but beatwobble did every time. Thankfully, there was no sound issue with the remainder of the ipad these times, videos, Spotify, and iTunes played perfectly fine. I think that was a one time weird thing. Hope this helps, and that you’re able to recreate the issue so we can figure this out! (If it doesn’t work turn the speakers all the way up too)