Playlist Import


With the new update it is possible to export playlists as .csv files. But how can I import them in other devices?

greetings AdT

I haven’t looked into whether it’s possible to import this back in, but especially on other devices, this seems to me to be of limited use here. To be able to work with it, it is not enough to have only the titles in a list, but the software must also “know” where the corresponding audio files are stored. This would only be the case if all devices (can) access the same sources. So it seems to me that this is more a possibility for an additional backup.
Or do I see it wrong? :thinking:

The export report is aimed for example for radio dj’s who need to report the played song list to different copyright holders/authorities.

Where is this located? Can’t find it anywhere!

Ok, I guess I got excited too soon!
It would need a file relocate option like Traktor!