Playlist is in reverse order compared to my iTunes playlist???

How do i get playlist in djay pro to show up in the same order as I have in iTunes? i can do aphebetically, A-Z, and Z-A, and the third option is a playlist that shows up in reverse order compared to my iTunes order. Any help would be GREAT?

It can be in any order you want. Click on the column title (name, artist) to re-order the tracks.

So let me clarify the situation. I have a custom playlist in iTunes that I created for an event. When I pull up the playlist in djay it is in reverse order. So when I click the name column it puts the songs in that playlist in A-Z order, if clicked again it shows the playlist in Z-A order, then click again an the order is back to the reverse order. I need it to sort in the “Name” category correctly in the exact same order as the iTunes playlist I created. Hope that helps, Thanks for your help.