Please inplement parallel scrolling waveforms.

Algoriddim should take a cue from Mixvibes Cross DJ for Ipad and inplement parallel scrolling waveforms with a beatgrid in Djay for Ipad.


We’re proud to present djay 2. This feature is now implemented in this new version.

Maybe larger coloured waveforms but I don’t want the program auto aligning the two beats up, gotta be doing more than just selecting and loading songs onto the decks! :stuck_out_tongue:

But the idea is good I was just comparing it to something like virtual dj than basically does all the work for you!

Yes i have mentioned this before the one we have at this time is no good otehr than to find the first beat. I have a few mates that DJ in clubs and all use serato and the waveform serato has is the best as it has a beatgrid and makes things a lot more easier. Please add this to Djay

I use the Numark iDJ Pro what means a lot of screen space is spared and could suit a larger wave form

And bigger waveforms too.
awesome idea!!!

i would love to see that on iDJ pro & djay

Real DJ’s beat match, they don’t just “sync”. To make this easiest when on the fly havering the waves stacked would help to see that your ears are right. Colors would be nice but stacked waves would really be a nice option.

Agreed! Serato has a great parallel waveform/beatgrid! Hopefully djay will catch up on this very soon!