Pls upgrade DJ PRO to run with the Pioneer CDJ NXS2!!

Having bought the latest CDJ NXS2 kit, I found out that my current DJ pro software no longer works. :frowning:

Please Please let us know when or if this fix might be on the way? Its such a great system and such a great package, just needs Algoriddim working to make it all perfect…

Thanks team!

can you please repost link?

The newly released djay Pro 1.4.3 for Mac is Pioneer DJ certified and comes with native support for the CDJ-2000NXS2 and CDJ-TOUR1 via USB-HID along with DJM-900NXS2 and DJM-TOUR1.

Additionally, using LAN Link (Pro DJ Link) you can connect up to four CDJ-2000NXS2 players with your DJM-900NXS2 mixer via LAN cables, then simply use a single USB cable to connect their Mac to the mixer and everything syncs seamlessly (same for CDJ-TOUR1 players and DJM-TOUR1).


It sounds like the hardware you had before the one you just bought was natively supported. They do not natively support every device out there, but you could always create your own midi mapping to make the hardware talk to djay. This is what I finally did with xdj-r1 after waiting…waiting…waiting…nothing

Here goes again……

Here you go guys:…

I have worked up a quick midi file that works the basics through the midi controls. Pls dont post critical comment as its only a temporary fix while the support team do the pro job, but it took my a few hours and works (ish) so might get you working in the short term:

Upload the file - its only midi - nothing clever. Install into the right folder for midi mapping.

connect to DJ Pro via USB as normal then click and hold menu button and select midi channel. The midi channel corresponds to the deck number. i.e. midi channel 1 is deck 1, midi channel 2 is deck 2 etc up to 4 decks.

Download link:…

Dont forget to also connect your Mac to the mixer, then go into DJ Pro preferences and select the external output, linking the right channels on the output from each deck to the channels on the mixer.

I hope this works for you… like me waiting for the real thing!

Here again:…

hello Paul, the file has expired could you possibly upload it again? thanks!


AWESOME! Thanks!

Can we get that link one more time @Paul?