Possibility to see PDF files in the library.

Of course with an option: “show/hide”.
When some of musicians/singers want to play karaoke/instrumental song with mp3 or wav extension, it would be nice to see also PDF file (with lyrics) with the same name under the mp3 files.

For example:
Sting - Fields of gold.mp3
Sting - Fields of gold.pdf

I’m loading “fields of gold” in the DECK 1 and want to open lyrics very fast, so I need to click on the PDF file, under the MP3. It would much easier to sing on the stage without stress. I know, there is “SHOW IN FINDER” and I also see PDF there but I think the option “show/hide pdf files” in the DJAY PRO library would be great idea.

I know, there are karaoke files, kfn (woudn’t mind to implement also;) and mp4 with lyrics but very often it’s a quality garbage. So mp3/wav is the best way for many of us - singers.
Also in the program like this we have more control - the time, waveform (we see all breaks, pauses, intros etc.), we can load 1-4 songs, so common mp3 player it’s not enough. I hope you understand my idea. :slight_smile: