Post fader effects

Is there a possibility that in the near future introduce post fader effects for djay pro for ipad??

Hey there,

thank you for your mail.
I forwarded your request internally thank you for sharing.
Would be great if other users tell us what they are thinking about post fader effects.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Seriously. As of now, when you switch the crossfader to the other track, effects like reverb totally cut out! It makes no sense. The effect should keep going until the effect is turned off, because the effect should be POST-FADER.

Also, the max reverb setting should be at least 10 seconds. As of now it’s only about 2 seconds – not enough for good transitions.

Thanks all!

Hi Lukas E! How are you doing and how is the team at Algoriddim?

Thanks for replying to Ognjen’s request and forwarding the request internally. I would like to +1 this request. On pioneer DJ mixers and such effects can all be post fader and I think this is essential to help the listener journey into the mix FX such as Reverb and Delay (even a dub delay feature would be excellent too).

Let’s just say that adding an echo or delay to a tune being mixed out and pulling down the fader to cut the audio source but having the echo/delay removed is like getting ready to lick a really tasty ice cream and, just as you get close, it falls on the floor.

Please keep us up to date if there are any advancements or when we could expect to see something on all platforms.


Wonderful work guys. Have already purchased! Will these features also be in the iOS version sometime soon?

If ever… I am speaking about DJAY PRO 2 for OSX! Awesome!

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