Pre-cueing doesn't work with my mac audio card.

Hello, I think there is a problem / bug in Djay about listening the sound with headphones passing by selected audio card. In fact, when I select one audio card for my speakers (my usb mbox audio card) and an other audio card for my headphones (my imac audio card), sometime I can hear the sound in the headphone and sometime I can’t hear it, it doesn’nt work. So I can’t hear the sound well in the headphone (that is not good for a DJ …). I clic on Djay > preferences > peripheric (in french, the speaker symbol) > I select mbox for master and integrated out for pre-cueing. And it doesn’t work, so I can’t pre-listen my audio for my party. Thank you to help me, I have to animate a party in 2 weeks.

Hi Regis,

Did you receive my email? Please try thew following:

  • set up your MBox as main and Built-in as Pre-cueing device
  • open the “Audio MIDI Setup” app (under Applications/Utilities)
  • select “Show Audio Window” from the “Window” menu
  • select “Aggregate Audio Device” from the left tab
  • now on the right, what is selected as “Clock Source”? Please try selecting “Built-in” as Clock Source and see if this helps.