Pre cueing is splitting to my other speaker. [WINDOWS]

As the title says. I have 2.1 speakers and headphones, both are recognized by my computer but when i activate split output it just splits my speakers so the music is coming out of the left and the other (pre-cued) track is played through the right speaker.

I’ve looked for settings to set my pre-cueing audio devise to my headphones but i cant find anything in the settings to do this.

I’ve waited for this to be released on Windows for ages now as this is the only software with spotify integration and it would be a shame if it where ruined by one setting being missing!

That behavior is correct, It is because there are cables that split the stereo out in two separate outputs for precueing making two mono outs instead of one stereo. The left channel becomes out 1 and the right channel 2. In your case djay would need to be configured to use the multiple outs from your sound card (in case the sound card supports it).