Pre cueing no longer working after update

After the most recent update, pre cueing is no longer working. I use the Traktor Audio 2 so that I can cue the next song whilst music is playing. Annoyingly found out when I was djing that I can no longer do this.

Do anyone else have this problem since the last update?
DJAY Pro and djay 2 keep crashing after 5-20 minutes of playing with religion beatpad 2, sometimes after 2 min sometimes 20 .in the middle of me doing a wedding reception , had to disconnect the controller and it still crashes every hour.

Hi there, 

thank you for this information, are you also using the Split Output option?

We submitted another update, please make sure you update to it as well.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, we are doing our best in order to sort out this issue.

ALL UPDATED : DJPRO V.1.0.12 - IOS V.11.4 - BEATPAD2 V.0.21

Headset monitoring is no longer automatic on the waiting track

Same issue here. After the update I have two main issues.

  1. The *pre-cuing auto select* as noted above no longer works. It instead plays the audio in headphones of the live/playing side.

  2. 4 time last night the app froze for a few seconds. Then started playing again. Other strange delays as well.

I really wish we can revert to previous version until this is more stable…

It works now. I have to use tonight. Only issue left is random freezing which didn’t happen b4, and also the turn table when spinning sometimes looses connection to the app. Also a new issue this it may be a side effect of auto syncing bpm.

Man I was royally $_&$ last night. :frowning: What did you guys change with how tracks are read/loaded from Spotify. Please revert. In 4 hours it froze more times than I could count! Probably 20+ times. I have to look into switching software, this used to work with ZERO freezing. Just signed up for itunes unless I can roll back to the previous version from the past week of nightmare updates.

I’m trying to figure out how to get all the cue points from DJay Version 4.2.3 to the newest DJay Pro 2 Version 2.0.5 I just bought from App Store. I’m on Mac. Please help.

where/ how can we downgrade to version 1.0.11 ??? HELP!