Pre-cueing signal goes through headphones AND speakers on Macbook

I’m running DJay on my macbook pro and bought a usb sound card to plug headphones into while running my onboard audio out to the speaker setup.

Trouble is, the second stereo signal goes to both my headphones and my speakers. I can’t seem to figure out how to isolate it to only go to headphones for pre-cueing.

As far as I can tell the settings are right, and I hit the pre-cue button on the track I only want coming through headphones but it always plays through both. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi James,

Thanks for contacting us.

Please open “Preferences” from the “djay” menu and take a screenshot of the “Devices” window. Also, please click on the small headphones button in the bottom right corner to open the Pre-cueing options and take a screenshot of this window as well.