pre-cueing using with Griffin DJ Connect cable and Lightning Digital AV Adapter (HDMI).

Hello. (Sorry if my english isn’t good.)

Is there a way to pre-cueing using at the same time Griffin DJ Connect cable and Lightning Digital AV Adapter (HDMI)?

I work on a club and need to mixing videos with HD via HDMI, but I need to pre-cueing the next video/song with the Griffin DJ Connect cable.

The audio output goes on a 8 channel audio deck that sends the music out to the speakers, and the HDMI sends, obviously, the video, but it sends also audio, and the djay pro audio setup doesn’t allow me to configure it with the Griffin DJ Connect cable because it detect the HDMI connected.

I tried all the adjustments on the Audio Device Setup menu, but I realize that maybe I’m not using the correct cable configuration.

There is another way to send just video signal and receiving the audio via Griffin DJ Connect cable to send it to the audio deck and be able to pre cueing my videos?

Am I doing something wrong? I’m exhausted!

Thanks a lot!

Hector Aguilar (DJ Gecko Flow)

Thanks, but I already tried that. I think is the wrong cable. I will try with a VGA adapter. Greetings!

Not sure if this help but Have you tried splitting the video And Audio mode on DJP