Pre-cueing with Mac, iMic, iTunes 10.7 and Djay 4 video?

I’ve got my headphones working alright for pre-cueing. Are there any video tutorials that show some pre-cueing strategies? How to select the next song up and get it in the playlist at the correct place so the Automix picks it up exactly when you want it?

I Djay Argentine Tango milongas (parties) and don’t need any special effects, just fine control over a playlist and ability to seamlessly add or remove songs on the fly depending on the mood of the party.

Many thanks! ~ Steve

We currently do not have any tutorials regarding pre-cueing techniques. If you want to edit the Automix songs on the fly then I recommend using the “Queue”. This way, you’ll see exactly which song is next and you can add, remove, rearrange songs on the fly.