Hi i bought Djay the other day and hooked it up with my DDJ-Weggo every thing works fine apart from pre-cueing the headphones it becomes distorted until it cuts out altogether
Configure Audio Device
Main Output EDIROL FA-66 ch1-2
Pre-Cueing PIONEER DDJ_WEGGO ch3-4
as soon as i switch the Pre-cue button on the WEGGO the Pre-Cue starts to distort until it cuts out altogether, if i go back to the Configure Audio Device window and change the pre-cue channel from ch3-4 to ch1-2 then back to ch3-4 it works again but not for long and again starts to distort .
please help me


This issue occurs when combining certain audio interfaces. Please try the following recommended setup instead:

  • Main output: WeGo ch 1-2
  • Pre-Cueing: WeGo ch 3-4
  • Mic: WeGo