Prevent accidents: programmable lockout feature on main screen of iPad?

iPad only: Anybody ever have the need for a screen lockout, a “lock” icon somewhere discreet that would prevent anything that touches the screen from messing up a mix. It could be programmable in the settings, so you could customize it to your taste. Example: lock everything but the “nudge” (+/-) so you can keep things lined up but if someone (read: drunk patron) touches or causes you to accidentally touch the waveform or play/stop nothing will happen. You could still browse and load an inactive deck, etc or just tap the “lock” icon and unlock any features you have set up to disable.

Hi Dave Mdix,

thank you for your idea. I added your request to our agenda, thank you for that.
It would be great if other users push the topic by sharing their thoughts.

Lukas E.