Prevent loading to active deck popup

Hello everyone and thank you for the great piece of software!
Would it be possible to make “Active Deck Protection enabled” popup go away automatically like in 5 seconds without need to press “OK”. I know i shouldnt try to load a song on a playing deck, but when i accidentally do that my hands are in hurry on the controller and nowhere near keyboard or mouse. :relaxed: so why do you have to confirm your mistake? It’s not going to make me learn

Well, I’ve requested that over a year a go and I saw many people before me and after me suggesting the same. Looks like Algoriddim don’t trust us as users and only way is to treat’s us like idiots :frowning:
But maybe I’m wrong and one day they will finally implement this change.

Very good point. It is a bad way to implement this safeguard. Should just go away once the deck is stopped.