Problem after problem?

Am I the only one having a multitude of problems with Dj Pro on the Mac?
Power coming on and off, music stuttering, program locking up? I did pay the $49.95 for the full version and am having issues with no pattern to specific problems. Spent an hour on the phone trouble shooting the computer with Apple and they are saying it’s the app. I have deleted and re-installed the app. vis the app. store with no success. I love the program, when it works but it’s unreliability during gigs is crucial to a seamless performance. So back to the original question, am I the only one ?

No I haven’t used a controller, I was thinking about it but not if I continue to have these issues.

Hi Joe

I’m running a 2015 MacBook Pro version 10.11.1 El Capitan with a 2.7ghz processor 8gb of memory and 250 gigs of storage 202 of it free. No controller and DJ Pros latest edition .

I have with no resolution

7 days later…no response, no fix, no support, save your money.

The program works pretty good with my 2010 macbook. Latest ios.
I don’t understand why there are so much problems.

I do not use itunes. I have 250 gb of music on my hdd witch i use in djay pro, alongside Spotify.
The tracks are scanned in djay pro and everything works fine.

The mackbook is for dj use only. Apart from the spotify app an djay pro, there are no apps running or downloaded.

I am using a controller, the Dennon mc6000.

Do you use usb 3.0 hub to connect your controller? I had a problem with that. Change to usb 2.0 hub resolved most of my problems.

It works relatively reliability for me. It crashes but only when I don’t analyse the library of music or adding new music. When I remember to do that then all is fine.

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thank you guys for your help and posts we really appreciate it!
please contact the support via, we will help you with your problems as fast as possible.

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Lukas E.

Jeff, I upgraded from djay to djay pro, and have not had any issues. In fact, I’m finding djay pro to have improved stability and response (with djay, I always struggled with a about a 1/4 second delay between cue and main, which was frustrating). So, I’d kindly say don’t rush to blame the software. I would suspect the problem is with your Mac, but it would be helpful to know a bit more about your configuration. What model Mac are using, and what are the specs (free HD space, RAM, processor, OS, etc…), as well as your practice (are you working with audio or/and video, how many decks running at a time, are you using a 2nd monitor, any other apps running at the time, are you recording? …all things that may tax the processor). It is possible that djay pro, with its added features and functions may be a bit much for your machine. Make sure you are meeting the system requirements defined by Algoriddim: OS 10.9 or later, and a 64 bit processor. When you are experiencing these glitches, take a look at your activity monitor to see if you are maxxing out your RAM or what is hogging CPU. I have a 2011 MBP with 8 GB RAM, I’m using an XDJ-R1 controller, two decks, and mostly 320 kbps MP3 files. Hope this helps.