1. Where is the COMPLETE MANUAL for this software?!
  2. Why do I my loops not correspond to the bar-count (e.g. loop ends after 1/2 bar while bar-count seems to run OK)?!
  3. How do I adjust the sensitivity of the sliders?!

Overall, a very disappointing experience on all my devices.
Thus, just left 1-star ratings on iTunes/App Store; moreover I feel scammed by this DJ Toy-ware (sry, but after spending all that cash for a software that don’t work…!!).

tks for any solutions!

Hi marc,

thank you for your post, we are here to help.

1. we are aware of the demand for a manual and are working on one, please stay tuned. Meanwhile you can ask us any question you like, we and the community are here to answer them.
2. sorry to hear that, could you tell us which songs are not getting analysed properly?
3. are you working with an external controller?

We are sorry that you feel disappointed of the apps, could you furthermore tell us a bit more about your setup, which device are you using for the iOS version, which Mac for djay Pro for the Mac?

This helps us a lot in order to find solutions for your problems, also if you are facing another problem please contact us right away.

Lukas E.