problem to show a share library on Djay Pro

I share my library with other user of my laptop so they can use it with iTunes but when they open Djay Pro, my share library isn’t here…
do you know how to use a share library with Djay Pro

Hi Victor,

is your library being displayed in there iTunes?
Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

thanks for your answer
yes every user of my laptop can use my library with iTunes but i’m the only one who can use the library with Djay Pro…

the djay metadata & plist are kept locally at the user’s library.
They cant be shared they can be duplicated tho so each user uses the same “master” library. This will not “sync” the settings just overwrite them.

in the finder Shift G (goto folder)


make a zip of the entire folder named

take the zip file to the other user account (through usb or shared folder)
put it at the other user’s


unzip it so the

comes back and you are all ready to go

Have the same problem! Can’t use shared iTunes library in Djay Pro …
What to do?