problem with djay2 iOS 8 with the idjpro

i need help i have the ipad2 with djay2 with iOS 8 that im using with the idjpro and IT DOESNT WORK ANYMORE i said that cuz i was with iOS 6 earlier and i made big mistake by upgrade the iOS …NOW can someone tell me what can i do ??? im working this weekend …the problem is that now when i plugging to the idjpro the djay2 app doesn’t work as before it have a lot of lag the touchscreen go crazy i am telling you nothing work at it use to be when i had iOS 6 please reply fast thank you

Sorry to hear that.

Please kindly answer the following questions so we can better assist you.
* Which djay version are you using? Please tap the gear icon and scroll down to determine the version number.
* Which firmware version is installed on your iDJ Pro? Connect the iDJ Pro and go to “Settings” (iPad Settings app) > “General” > “About” > “IDJ PRO” to see the firmware version number.
* Have you tried rebooting your iPad and the iDJ Pro?
* What exactly happens when you try to use the iDJ Pro with djay for iPad?

Wow, that actually sounds like something else is going completely wrong. Do you have any other iPad or iPhone with which you can test the iDJ Pro?

Reboot iPad: Just turn it completely off and back on.
Reboot iDJ Pro: same thing - turn it off and back on using the power switch at the back of the controller.

We’ve tested iDJ Pro on iOS 8 with no problems, so this is most likely not a general issue with iOS 8 and iDJ Pro either. The issue you’re describing honestly doesn’t sound like a software issue.

Which other device do you have? Which iOS version is running on it?

Are you having the exact same problem as the original post?

Have you been able to test your iDJ Pro with other iOS devices (possibly also one with iOS 8)? If yes, what were the results?

So the version of the djay2 app us 2.6.1 and for the idjpro serial number (21)n11206193200849 june 2012 i wasnt able the check the firmware as You tell me to do because as soon as the power is on with the idjpro the iPad us going crazy the touchscreen is not responding as usual (outside the djay app either) and btw i didnt see any idjpro option on my iPad setting when is on as You Saïd … Explain me what u mean exactly by reboot please for both system

I spoke with some people who have the idjpro and they use the ios7 they didnt upgrade and its working so i positively know the problem is the iOS 8 but theres any way You cant fix that ? The reboot already done With both… And yes its working with other device

So now what we do ? I hope you guys Gonna come up with a new version with the problem fixed

yes same problem just to tell you my same ipad on the idj with the first version app of djay work well but i complain cause i bought the app djay2 and its not working

Good words i bought something else to djing and ill refer everybody to do that now on!!!

We are having the same problem?

I represent a large group of djs that are having the same issue with your app vs numarks equipment vs apples operating system…This is a firmware issue that apple users at least, are not able to correct manually, and downgrading to an earlier operating system is NOT an option with the pricks at apple. I have been round and round with apple and numark, and you guys are nearly impossible to comunicate with. My thoughts are if you’re going to put your name on something whether you manufacture it or not, You need to coordinate with the other parties involved so the thing continues to work properly especially seeing as how musicians, who are mostly broke anyway spent their hard earned dollars on the equipment YOUR website suggested… I’ve seen countless sites and blogs where alghoriddm blames apple, apple blames numark, and numark blames you both. WE HAVE HAD IT!!! I was a loyal user of algoriddm products… I preferred djay as opposed to djay 2… I use an ipad 2 because of the idj pro platform… I could use other apps and programs. I could buy a pioneer controller and use my laptop. Thats not the point. I prefer this setup, and shouldn’t get screwed over because apple forced me to udate to a later version of ios and you people acting indifferent like its not your problem. I assure you it is… Your company cannot afford to lose the business that WILL most definitely turn to your competitors for a solution… So in my mind you guys need to pick up the phone, get your happy little butts in contact with apple and numark and work out a solution to this before you become a pariah in the world of professional djs over this.

I have an iPad 2 64GB with iOS 8.1.3 and iDJ Pro working with DJay until the update last Friday the 13th to DJay 2.7.3. Now I get no volume on the Master Output. I only get volume from the headphones/Cue output. I admit that I originally had problems with iOS 8 until I actually did a “Restore iPad…” and wiped clean and started with a fresh install of iOS 8. That solved my lag issues with my iPad. Everything was working well and using my system on DJ gigs. Then Friday the 13th happened. I had to resort to my old setup using my old Macbook and the Numark Edge for a gig I had the night of the 14th. I really enjoyed using the iDJ Pro and will not give up on it. The problem for me is the software. I am now testing another app that will work with the iDJ Pro. The mappings are not perfect, but it will do the job. I hope that Algoriddim will be able to fix the problem with their latest update as I have used them since the original DJay for iPhone/iPad came out.

I have this exact problem as well

And this is the first time I have used the App since the IOS update