Problem with iDJ Pro disconnecting from iPad

I am having an intermittent problem where I am at a gig, playing music, and suddenly the music stops, the iDJ Pro lights are still on, but the DJay 2 app on the iPad changes, not back to normal, but the sample pads get big and you only see half the screen.

The only way to fix this is return the unit off and back on, but what is weird is that it doesn’t cause the DJay app to restart or switch orientation like a new session, it immediately starts playing the song where it left off and everything is normal after that. And that there is obviously still power as the iDJ Pro led lights are still lit.

IPad 4, 128 Gig (20 gigs of free space)
iOS 6.1.3 (have not updated to iOS 7 because there are other issues with DJay 2 and the iDJ Pro when you do)
DJay 2 version 2.2.1

Also i am using the Authentic Apple 30 pin to lightening adapter

Hi Jerod,

Sorry to hear that.

When this happens again, please open the Settings app and go to “General” > “About”. Is there still an entry saying “IDJ PRO”?